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Before marrying, there is the courting or wooing of a woman by the man.  Woman, know the person well before entrusting your whole life to him.  You have the freedom to choose the best among your suitors.

It is not offering your body and have sex to know whether you are compatible or not.   No live-in as a test. 

The man likes to have sex before marriage?  No way.  He should wait until after marriage.



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I am older now so doing physical work would be strenuous to me.  I grow fruit trees.  They require less work than vegetables.  Just plant them and in time, I gather the fruits. 

What I usually do is to put mulch around the base of the tree.  I use pavers as mulch.  Sometimes, I use the stones or pebbles that I find around the yard.  The mulch will conserve the moisture on the ground.  But I know now that pavers and stones can become hot so I cover them with grass clippings.

No place to plant them?  How about parks, sidewalk, open public spaces?  If you do not gather the fruits, at least, you have helped others satisfy their hunger.

Why grow ornamental trees?  They will not satisfy your hunger.  Grow fruit trees instead.

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One of the things that you may give to your children when they marry is real estate, if you could afford it.  A one-bedroom or two-bedroom unit would be sufficient to start married life.  Then, when the couple has saved enough, they may move to another place.  But the unit is not sold.  If they rent this unit out, it could provide them with extra income.  They may rent nearer their place of work.  The income from the unit could be used to pay for their rental.

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With a low income and with the cost of living going up, I have to stretch my money.  I do not complain for the authorities to increase my income.  I just pray to the true God that I would be able to afford to buy the essential food and pay for the basic services.

I just go out to drive to work on my volunteer service two days in a week.  Most of the time, I am on my computer and preparing things like this to share while I am still alive and capable.

I grow some of what I need so that I don’t have to buy them.  They may act as substitute to the regular things bought from the market.

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A prospective employer will look at the tertiary education grades and not the high school grades.  So excel academically in the university.  So what if you were the president of such and such organization.  A prospective employer may not have to know that.  He may only be after your grades.  He may promote you based on your performance in his office.  So make the most of your time. 

In the university, to each his own.  You make your own grade.  Learn as much as you can because you may need it when you are already working.  Learn to know the true God though.  It is not normally taught in the classroom.

In high school, extracurricular activities may be needed to be in the honor roll.  But remember, an employer will not be checking your grades in high school.  It is your university grades that are more important to him.

In the elementary school, you learn to prepare for high school.  Again, you don’t need to be active in extracurricular activities.  I would suggest though that you join organizations to learn more outside the classroom, such as the scouting movement.  

I do not stop you from participating in any extracurricular activities.  If you can, why not?  Otherwise, just concentrate on your studies.

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12. We are all equal


No one is above any person.  We are all equal.  We will all die one day.  Our soul will go back to the one who gave it, and that is God who created us all.  We just have to play our role in our journey through life. 

Is the manager better than the factory workers.  The former can manage people.  He may be using his brain in running the factory.  The later, on the other hand, has the manual dextrity to produce the output of the factory.

Should everyone be paid equally?

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Have you noticed that birds fly in to roost for the evening come in pairs?  After a day of foraging for food, the pair fly in to roost.  Why in pair?  They must be a male and a female bird.  The male leads and the female follow behind.

Did the birds have time to court each other?  God must have provided the bird its companion.  I am amazed and fascinated.  The Holy Spirit said one time that things were created to be imitated.  Maybe, God is telling us that marriage is between a male and a female, that God can provide us with the most suitable partner, that the partnership should be until death, that there should only be one partner, that the male should lead and the female follow. (Genesis 2:24)

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