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The international convention of writing the date is spelled out in ISO 8601.  It is YYYY-MM-DD or YYYYMMDD where YYYY is the four-digit year from 0000 to 9999 for AD or CE years (0000 is equal to 1 BC; other BC years are written as –YYYY, as -0001 for 2 BC and -0099 for 100 BC), MM is the two-digit month from 01 to 12, and DD is the two-digit day from 01 to 31.  I usually use the latter way.  Hence, today is 20110613.  I usually do not use the + sign for AD or CE years.

The time used in ISO 8601 is the 24-hour time.  HH:MM:SS or HHMMSS, or HH:MM or HHMM, where HH is the two-digit hour from 00 to 23, MM is the two-digit minute from 00 to 59, and SS is the two-digit second from 00 to 59.  Hence, 11:30pm is 2330.

Under the convention, the date and the time are separated by the capital letter T.  Hence, 20110613T2330.  However, I usually use the decimal point to separate the date and the time as shown above to get used to it.


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A prospective employer will look at the tertiary education grades and not the high school grades.  So excel academically in the university.  So what if you were the president of such and such organization.  A prospective employer may not have to know that.  He may only be after your grades.  He may promote you based on your performance in his office.  So make the most of your time. 

In the university, to each his own.  You make your own grade.  Learn as much as you can because you may need it when you are already working.  Learn to know the true God though.  It is not normally taught in the classroom.

In high school, extracurricular activities may be needed to be in the honor roll.  But remember, an employer will not be checking your grades in high school.  It is your university grades that are more important to him.

In the elementary school, you learn to prepare for high school.  Again, you don’t need to be active in extracurricular activities.  I would suggest though that you join organizations to learn more outside the classroom, such as the scouting movement.  

I do not stop you from participating in any extracurricular activities.  If you can, why not?  Otherwise, just concentrate on your studies.

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