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Know the price of what you usually buy.  For example, the price of banana can go as low as a dollar a kilo.  If the price were $10 a kilo, I do not buy.  I buy cheaper substitute.  Am I craving for that item like a pregnant woman’s craving?  But when it is on sale and at about the usual price, then I may buy it.

For example, I don’t have any onions left.  I know that it can cost about a dollar a kilo.  If the price is about $3 a kilo, I don’t buy it even if the recipe calls for it.  I just cook my food without that ingredient or I may use another recipe not calling for that ingredient.  But when it is on sale and the price drops to about a dollar a kilo, then I buy.

What are the other items that may go on sale?  Toilet paper, ground beef, corned beef, soft drink, breakfast cereal, ice cream, pasta, rice, laundry powder, noodle, kebab, petrol, etc.


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Usually, a food item has a best before or expiry date stamped on it.  Best before means that the food item is best consumed before the stamped date.  But does it mean that the food should not be consumed anymore after the date?  I don’t think so.  A day or two after the date may still be good.  But usually, supermarkets reduce the price greatly just before the date.  This is when I may buy the item.  Sometimes, to me, the regular price may be expensive but when the price is reduced, I may buy it and it may be a treat to my self.

When it says that the item expires on such and such date, it means that the item should not be consumed anymore after the date.  Example of this is medicine for after the date, some chemical reaction may take place making the item unsafe to use.

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I buy chicken frame (also called chicken skeleton or chicken carcass) and is much cheaper than drumstick or fillet.  I boil it with onion, garlic, pepper and salt and use the soup as stock. 

When I prepare my chicken noodle soup, I add the chicken stock  to the boiling water, the meat that I gathered from the boiled chicken, some frozen vegetables, and finally the noodles and other ingredients from the sachet.  It can be my meal and costs less than a dollar. 




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I am older now so doing physical work would be strenuous to me.  I grow fruit trees.  They require less work than vegetables.  Just plant them and in time, I gather the fruits. 

What I usually do is to put mulch around the base of the tree.  I use pavers as mulch.  Sometimes, I use the stones or pebbles that I find around the yard.  The mulch will conserve the moisture on the ground.  But I know now that pavers and stones can become hot so I cover them with grass clippings.

No place to plant them?  How about parks, sidewalk, open public spaces?  If you do not gather the fruits, at least, you have helped others satisfy their hunger.

Why grow ornamental trees?  They will not satisfy your hunger.  Grow fruit trees instead.

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With a low income and with the cost of living going up, I have to stretch my money.  I do not complain for the authorities to increase my income.  I just pray to the true God that I would be able to afford to buy the essential food and pay for the basic services.

I just go out to drive to work on my volunteer service two days in a week.  Most of the time, I am on my computer and preparing things like this to share while I am still alive and capable.

I grow some of what I need so that I don’t have to buy them.  They may act as substitute to the regular things bought from the market.

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10. Substitute


If an item that you like is expensive, don’t buy yet.  Are you pregnant to crave for it?  Buy substitute item, or even canned if you really want it.  For example, bananas can be bought for about a dollar to $2 a kilo.  But because of the devastation brought by a hurricane to the banana-growing region, the current price is more than $10.  Buy instead apples for about a dollar a kilo or something else that is in season.

Brand named products are expensive.  I buy no-frills items which may be substitute for these branded products.  I usually buy at a supermarket noted for its being lower in price but quality-wise, could compete with the best.

If a recipe calls for an item but is expensive, cook the food without the item anyway.  For example, onions are in the recipe and we don’t have onions and they are currently expensive, cook the food without the onions anyway.

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9. $1 and $10 meals


There are two people.  One spends $1 for his meal.  The other spends $10 for his meal.  After a few hours, both of them are hungry again.  

It may be all right to spend $10 if you do not have to eat for several meals.  Unfortunately, whether you spend $1 or $10, you will be hungry again after a few hours.  So why spend on expensive meals?

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