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I share with you what I do and believe in.  They may be trivial matters to you but to me, I find them practical and down-to-earth.

One of the things that I do is forcibly remove the water from my toothbrush after brushing my teeth.  I do this by tapping it twice on the side of the lavatory sink to dry quickly.  I know that if I leave it moist, bacteria may grow and make the base of the bristle black or discolored because of this growth.




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When we brush our teeth, we notice residue as we rinse our mouth, don’t we?  The residue is broken-down unused toothpaste.

What I do to prevent wastage of toothpaste as residue is to press the toothpaste against my tongue.  This way, the toothpaste sinks in-between the bristles.  No more on top.  This is important.

By doing so, not only is wastage prevented but also a tube of toothpaste will last longer because you don’t have to put toothpaste through the length of the brush.  Half may be enough.

Also, I use the toothbrush handle to push the toothpaste towards the neck, and then fold the end and clip it with a clothes peg.  When nothing comes out of the tube anymore, I cut the body near the neck to scoop out the remaining toothpaste which maybe for four brushings or more.

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As long as a person lives, he needs a roof over his head. 

A family could save a lot from rent if he had a place to stay at.   What if he is incapacitated due to illness or accident, how would he pay his rent?  If he becomes old, how would he continue paying rent just to have somewhere to stay?  He may end up as a squatter or homeless. 

If he had his own place, he just would not be evicted.  There is more permanence in his address.  There would be no need to move to new addresses.  The house could be the family home.  The family could become closer to their neighbors.

What I suggest is for the parents to buy a unit, even a one-bedroom unit.  Once a child marries, he/she has a place to stay to start married life.  The couple saves until they can buy their own place.  If another child marries, then the newly married couple can stay at the unit.  The maximum tenure that a couple can stay in the unit is five years.  Hopefully, within the period, a couple will have saved enough money as deposit for their own home.

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