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Before marrying, there is the courting or wooing of a woman by the man.  Woman, know the person well before entrusting your whole life to him.  You have the freedom to choose the best among your suitors.

It is not offering your body and have sex to know whether you are compatible or not.   No live-in as a test. 

The man likes to have sex before marriage?  No way.  He should wait until after marriage.



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One of the things that you may give to your children when they marry is real estate, if you could afford it.  A one-bedroom or two-bedroom unit would be sufficient to start married life.  Then, when the couple has saved enough, they may move to another place.  But the unit is not sold.  If they rent this unit out, it could provide them with extra income.  They may rent nearer their place of work.  The income from the unit could be used to pay for their rental.

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Have you noticed that birds fly in to roost for the evening come in pairs?  After a day of foraging for food, the pair fly in to roost.  Why in pair?  They must be a male and a female bird.  The male leads and the female follow behind.

Did the birds have time to court each other?  God must have provided the bird its companion.  I am amazed and fascinated.  The Holy Spirit said one time that things were created to be imitated.  Maybe, God is telling us that marriage is between a male and a female, that God can provide us with the most suitable partner, that the partnership should be until death, that there should only be one partner, that the male should lead and the female follow. (Genesis 2:24)

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Jesus said to the women while He was carrying the cross in Luke 23:29: “Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bare, and the paps which never gave suck.”

If you become an old maid, do not despair and be comforted by this message from Jesus.  For one, you just have yourself to account for of your actions.  The true God will not account from you any husband or children.

We have Jesus as our friend, our best friend, in this journey through life.  If you really want to have a husband, ask and it shall be given to you.  Be persistent in asking.  Luke 11:11 states: “If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone?  or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?”  He will give you what will be good for you so that your joy may be full.

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Why not spend the time and money to the family instead of spending them on another woman or some other women? 

Have you treated your wife to a movie?  To a dinner?  To a getaway place?  Given her flowers? 

Continue your courtship with your wife even when you are already married.

Maintain her trust to you.  Love your family.

The true God knows everything you say and do, even when the room is dark and you and your partner are under a blanket and the door, windows and blinds are shut.  Nothing is unknown to the true God.  Don’t make your life complicated.  You only sin by being unfaithful to your wife.

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Is it easy to find your spouse?  To a man, maybe it is.  To a woman, it may not be. 

So to a man, do not make your married life become complicated.  Stick to one.  Love your spouse and she will love you more in return. 

To a woman, serve your man.  You are created to become his helpmate (Genesis 2:18, 20).  

Remember, the Holy Spirit said that the nearest relative of a person is his/her spouse.  Don’t be haughty.  We age and don’t become as attractive anymore as when we were younger. 

If you divorce and find a new partner, remember that you will also live with him/her for many years.  And your new partner may be better or worse than the previous one.  Conflict may arise also along the way.

Pray to the true God to give you your partner in this journey through life.  He will provide it to you so that your joy will be full, if He so wills.

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