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‘Been there.  Done that’.  You may hear these from people who loved traveling.  I love to travel but I have more important things to do than that.  Since my family immigrated 23 years ago, I have only been to the Philippines and stopovers in between when I go overseas from my adopted country.

I have not been to Europe, Africa, North and South America, etc.  But it seems that I have visited these places though not physically but through books, videos, TV current affairs and travel documentaries, newspapers, magazines, brochures, Internet.  I call this vicarious travelling.  I can even go to places that may be off-limits to visitors, to the inner sanctum, and hear first-hand from their caretakers.

I don’t have to spend money for fares, accommodation, entry fees, etc. to see these tourist attractions.  I can see these places in the safety and comfort of my home.  Would you like to travel like I do?


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