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Guess what?  Babylon the Great is in Revelation chapters 17 and 18.  Ka Apaz, the platform of the spirit of Ama, said who Babylon the Great is.  Revelation 18:4 says that we should not be partakers of her sins.  We have to come out of her.  I believe Ka Apaz.




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What is the difference between a dead person and a living person, the body in the coffin which is being waked upon and the living who is attending the wake?

The difference is spirit.  The spirit of the dead person has already left his body while the spirit of the living person is still in his body.

The physical body came from the inanimate soil.  The life-giving spirit comes from God.  From the Holy Bible, here are some verses: Genesis 2:7, 3:19; Ecclesiastes 12:7.

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One false move may cause us to regret such action forever.  For example, doing an armed hold-up, raping a person, killing a person, etc.  We may or may not be caught.  If we are caught and proven guilty, we may languish in jail for years or for life or even sentenced to death.  If we are absolved because of technicalities or whatever, and we know that we are guilty of committing the offence, we are not free yet.  There is the highest court which knows everything that we did or said.  It will give us a sentence that is just and fair.  That is the court in Heaven.

We know that we will all die one day and leave behind all the things we try to accumulate on earth.  So what for do we have to step into the lives of other people.  It may cause our downfall.

What do we do?  We live simply and righteously.  The one who can tell us which is right and which is wrong is the true God who created us.  We listen to Him and follow His commandments.  He not only created us but He can provide the things we need to live.

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There are many gods that man worships but there is only one true God and the rest are false gods. 

How can we know the true God from the false gods?  Very easy.  Simple, plain, logical, and not even citing any verse of holy scripture of any religion.  The true God can prophesy.  The false gods cannot prophesy.  The key word is prophecy.

So, if we are to worship a god, we should be sure that He is the true God and not a false god.  Be discerning.  Choose from the teachings of different religions what you think will help you save your very own soul and discard what will not.

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