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The international convention of writing the date is spelled out in ISO 8601.  It is YYYY-MM-DD or YYYYMMDD where YYYY is the four-digit year from 0000 to 9999 for AD or CE years (0000 is equal to 1 BC; other BC years are written as –YYYY, as -0001 for 2 BC and -0099 for 100 BC), MM is the two-digit month from 01 to 12, and DD is the two-digit day from 01 to 31.  I usually use the latter way.  Hence, today is 20110613.  I usually do not use the + sign for AD or CE years.

The time used in ISO 8601 is the 24-hour time.  HH:MM:SS or HHMMSS, or HH:MM or HHMM, where HH is the two-digit hour from 00 to 23, MM is the two-digit minute from 00 to 59, and SS is the two-digit second from 00 to 59.  Hence, 11:30pm is 2330.

Under the convention, the date and the time are separated by the capital letter T.  Hence, 20110613T2330.  However, I usually use the decimal point to separate the date and the time as shown above to get used to it.


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