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Who can tell us which is right and which is wrong?  It is only the true God.  So, we better search for Him.  And when we find Him, we make Him our king.  We follow His commandments and stick to Him until our last dying breath.

Is stealing one dollar and stealing a million dollars different?  Both are stealing.  Is it right to lie?  Is it right to kill or maim our fellowmen?  Is it right to commit suicide?  Is it right to rape a woman?  We may hope that in the afterlife, we would be forgiven for these by asking for forgiveness.  Unfortunately, it will be too late.  We can only ask for forgiveness while we are still alive.  So we have to avoid committing any sin.  We have to be perfect, to be sinless, like the true God in order that we can be admitted to His kingdom.


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There were the Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Babylonian Empire, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, etc.  They may have lasted for hundreds of years.

There were Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Nebuchadnezzar, Augustus Caesar, etc.  They may have killed in order to subjugate people and extend their empires.  What happened to their empires?  Where are these people?

Why do we have to settle accounts in a war?  Do we have to go to war to kill and destroy the perceived enemies?  Why do we decorate those who have killed many enemies?  Why were old enemies now friends and allies?  They may have built war machines but whose money was used to fund these wars?  Wars may just have created widows and orphans.  What for?  Is our love only for the country?  How about love for our fellowmen?  And love for the true God who created us?  Can this God not eliminate people if He wants to?  Can we not work together in a democratic way?

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