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Who can tell us which is right and which is wrong?  It is only the true God.  So, we better search for Him.  And when we find Him, we make Him our king.  We follow His commandments and stick to Him until our last dying breath.

Is stealing one dollar and stealing a million dollars different?  Both are stealing.  Is it right to lie?  Is it right to kill or maim our fellowmen?  Is it right to commit suicide?  Is it right to rape a woman?  We may hope that in the afterlife, we would be forgiven for these by asking for forgiveness.  Unfortunately, it will be too late.  We can only ask for forgiveness while we are still alive.  So we have to avoid committing any sin.  We have to be perfect, to be sinless, like the true God in order that we can be admitted to His kingdom.


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One false move may cause us to regret such action forever.  For example, doing an armed hold-up, raping a person, killing a person, etc.  We may or may not be caught.  If we are caught and proven guilty, we may languish in jail for years or for life or even sentenced to death.  If we are absolved because of technicalities or whatever, and we know that we are guilty of committing the offence, we are not free yet.  There is the highest court which knows everything that we did or said.  It will give us a sentence that is just and fair.  That is the court in Heaven.

We know that we will all die one day and leave behind all the things we try to accumulate on earth.  So what for do we have to step into the lives of other people.  It may cause our downfall.

What do we do?  We live simply and righteously.  The one who can tell us which is right and which is wrong is the true God who created us.  We listen to Him and follow His commandments.  He not only created us but He can provide the things we need to live.

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